Alright… Let me tell you the story of Gilbert!


Once upon a time in the far far land of Mexico and idea to adopt a cute little loveable  boston terrier came to be.  While on vacation in December 2016, with my long term boyfriend Joe, I came across a ‘Kijiji ‘ad (a website that anyone can post anything for sale) posting a litter of boston terrier puppies for sale.  I had been looking for a puppy of this  breed for some time and luck would have it he was just over an hour away from my home.

The breeder had a few female and male pups for sale but I knew I wanted a male because our other dog Nora is a girl and I had heard horror stories of two female dogs in the same household not getting along.

So after some back and forth emails with the breeder I finally came to an agreement with getting ‘Bat Pup’, now known as Gilbert, G, Gilby, etc.  The reason the breeders called him ‘Bat pup’ was because of this cute little birth fur symbol on his neck that looks like the Batman logo.


img_2038Now that I’ve confirmed that I will be getting a fur baby as soon as we’re home from vacation I had to decide on a name.   After a night of ‘Oh how about Joe JR. lol?’ or ‘Bob?’ we sat down for breakfast and our favourite waiter ‘Gilbert’ chatted with us.

And that’s the story of how Gilbert got his name, he’s my best friend and I wouldn’t change anything about him….

Well maybe he could stop having accidents in the house, that’d be nice.







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