The Allure of The Seas is like a floating city, it even has a NYC Central Park replica on it.


Allure of The Seas is a boat that my Dad and I have been wanting to go on for a LONG time, my family has been on our fair share of cruises but it was time to finally go on this boat. At the time of our cruise it was the largest cruise ship, but now there is a newer and larger boat.

There is soo much to do on this boat, whether you want to chill out in AC and read a book, have a drink, rock climb, zip line, or surf on the FloRider there is literally something for everyone!

Central Park on board Allure of the Seas

Our cruise stopped at 3 ports: Labadee, Haiti – Royal Caribbean’s private port, Falmouth, ¬†Jamaica & Cozumel, Mexico.


Out of those 3 ports, Cozumel was our favourite. ¬†We went to Paradise Beach – sat in lounge chairs, had some Corona’s, eat some delicious nachos – that’s my kind of day. We also jumped off a dock into the crystal clear blue water. sigh. The things I would do to be back there right now!



Falmouth, Jamaica




To see my cruise ship tour and Allure of the Seas vlog’s click here!





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