Welcome to Diamond’s and Duvets!


Starting this blog was a long time coming for us, we first launched in 2014… but without a strict schedule/commitment we lost hope and gave up. BUT we’re back now and ready to give ‘Diamond’s and Duvets’ another chance!


Diamond’s: IMG_0087.JPG

Hello! I’m Lisa Baxter, a 22 year old girl trying out blogging with her Mum.

Here’s some info on me: I have two older brothers, two loving parents, two pups and two cats! One of the pups is Gilbert, he is my one year old Boston Terrier(You’ll defiantly see too many pictures of him on this Blog) and the other pup is Nora, she is my brother’s… she’s the most cutest French Mastiff you’ll ever see.

Majority of my content will be posted through my youtube channel! Creating videos is my true passion hence why I studied ‘TV Broadcasting/Journalism’ in college. On my youtube channel I create a wide range of videos from ‘Get Ready With Me’ to Tutorials to vlog’s!


Duvets: img_0019



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